Catching Stars


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SKU: 1058 Barcode: 730002010584Age: 5Yrs+Package Size: 27.2 x 8.6 x 27.1 cm


Switch on the Moon projector and watch as a pretty star show emits onto the ceiling. Use your Magic Wand to catch the stars – for every 3 you collect you move up a level. Reach Level 10 and watch as a rainbow of colours is displayed on your wand and a special tune plays. As you move through the levels the stars blink faster and faster! Pass your wand to the next player to share the fun or challenge each other and see who can reach the highest level! Begin with ‘Easy’ game play mode then progress to ‘Hard’ game play mode when you’ve perfected your skills. With a built-in Lullaby Light Mode children can drift off to sleep as they watch a pretty light show and listen to a soothing lullaby. Unit automatically switches off after 10 minutes in L

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Dimensions 27.2 x 8.6 x 27.1 cm

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