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PEDIGREE Dentastix Large Dog Treats


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PEDIGREE DENTASTIX Triple Action formula reduces tartar buildup, cleans teeth, and freshens breath Patented X-Shape design Feed large adult dogs 1 treat a day for maximum benefits Refresh your dog’s dental care routine with PEDIGREE DENTASTIXTM Original and Fresh Treats for Large Dogs. These original and mint-flavor dog dental chews have a special chewy texture and provide daily oral care by helping to clean between teeth and down to the gumline. PEDIGREE DENTASTIXTM Oral Care Treats are also clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar buildup. Best of all, the patented, X-shaped chews freshen breath while treating your dog, making them a delicious way to promote better oral health and dental care. PEDIGREE Oral Care Treats are dog treats you can trust, and your dog will love.

From the manufacturer

Pedigree Dentastix Fresh Bites: Minty Dog Treats to Support Healthy Mouths

Fresh Bites; Cleans teeth; Triple action of DentaStix Bites, Freshens

Clinically Proven; To Reduce Plaque and Tartar; Use Daily; As Part of Treating Routine

Made in America; Minty Flavor; Maintain Oral Health; Healthy Mouth; Teeth; Gums

Bite-sized, chewy, textured treats that are great for all dog sizes. The Triple Action of Dentastix Fresh Bites works to clean teeth and freshen breath.

Clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar—when used as part of your dog’s daily treating routine.

Manufactured in the USA and Canada, Dentastix Fresh Bites dog treats are made with a patented ingredient system and a minty flavor.

Make Snack Time Better Every Time with Pedigree Dentastix Treats

Treats for all Sizes; Small; Medium; Large; Dogs; Freshening Treats; Made for all Dogs

Original; Beef; Beefy; Bacon; Fresh; Treats; Benefit Added; Try Them All; Best Friend

DentaStix Grain Free Treats; Coming Soon; Same Teeth Cleaning Action

From mini and toy-sized to small/medium all the way to larger dogs, Dentastix Treats has a freshening treat made to fit.

Try Pedigree Dentastix Treat Chews. With flavors like Original, Beef, Bacon, and Fresh, these dog treats keep your best friend smiling ear to ear.

Dentastix Grain Free Treats—for the same teeth-cleaning action without the grains.

Dentastix Fresh Bites Dog Treats
Dentastix Fresh Dog Treats
Dentastix Beef Dog Treats
Dentastix Bacon Dog Treats
Dentastix Original Dog Treats
Tasty oral care treats
Helps reduce plaque & tartar buildup
Freshens breath
Patented X-shape design chews
Flavor variety Minty Fresh Minty Fresh Beef Bacon Original

Additional information


Fresh, Grain-Free, Beef, Bacon, Original, Variety


60-Treats, 144-Treats, 50-Treats, 28-Treats, 32-Treats, 40-Treats, 42-Treats, 49-Treats, 18-Treats




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